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Fights are verbally agreed upon and card may change at any time.  Some fights may not be broadcast.

  1. Pat Miletich vs Jorge Patino
    Pat Miletich
    27-5-2 Record
    5' 10" Height 0
    180lbs (81kg) Weight 0lbs (0kg)
    Leg Reach
    Jorge Patino
  2. Bas Rutten vs Tsuyoshi Kosaka
    Bas Rutten
    0-0-0 Record 18-9-1
    0 Height 5' 11"
    0lbs (0kg) Weight 225lbs (102kg)
    Leg Reach
    Tsuyoshi Kosaka
  3. Pedro Rizzo vs Mark Coleman
    Pedro Rizzo
    13-5-0 Record 16-10-0
    6' 1" Height 6' 1"
    228lbs (103kg) Weight 205lbs (93kg)
    Leg Reach
    Mark Coleman
  4. Tito Ortiz vs Jerry Bohlander
    Tito Ortiz
    17-11-1 Record 0-0-0
    6' 3" Height 0
    205lbs (93kg) Weight 0lbs (0kg)
    Leg Reach
    Jerry Bohlander
  5. Evan Tanner vs Darrel Gholar
    Evan Tanner
    34-8-0 Record 0-0-0
    6' 0" Height 5' 8"
    185lbs (84kg) Weight 198lbs (89kg)
    Leg Reach
    Darrel Gholar
  6. Mikey Burnett vs Townsend Saunders
    Mikey Burnett
    5' 6" Height 0
    170lbs (77kg) Weight 0lbs (0kg)
    Leg Reach
    Townsend Saunders
  7. Laverne Clark vs Frank Caracci
    Laverne Clark
    0 Height 0
    0lbs (0kg) Weight 0lbs (0kg)
    Leg Reach
    Frank Caracci